Walking with God, A DVD Study

Walking With God: A DVD Study (DVD)

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These resources give you access to practical guidance on how to develop conversational intimacy with Jesus. Also included for your small group or retreat group are discussion questions as well as ways to help one another listen for and hear the sound of God’s voice in your lives. 

The video sessions are each about ten minutes long, and you'll want to allow at least forty-five minutes to an hour for discussion.  Each DVD segment covers, in broad strokes, one of the significant entries in the Walking with God book.  During the week, group members should read the entries from the book that correspond with the video discussion.  Group members may also want to use A Personal Guide to Walking with God for personal reflection and taking the study deeper.

God offers to speak to us and guide us.  Every day.  It is an incredible offer.  To accept that offer is to enter into an adventure filled with joy and risk, transformation and freedom.  And more clarity than we ever thought possible. It is a life of getting to know God, of hearing his wonderful voice speaking to us ... personally, of loving him and living with him in intimate relationship.

Join John in the expedition of recovering this life—the life we were created to live!


Contents Include: 

  • 12 sessions on 1 DVD, lengths are approximately 10 minutes long.
  • Leader's Guide with suggestions for discussions

 Leading a Group?

Purchase one DVD set.  We recommend each person in the group have:

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