Spirit of the Age, The

Spirit of the Age (CD)

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Down through the ages saints and sages have warned us that in this great battle for the human heart, for our hearts, we face three enemies: the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. We seem somewhat acquainted with the last two, but we're not quite sure what to make of this first adversary.  What is "the World," and why does scripture warn us in James 4:4 that to befriend it is, somehow, to disown God?

In this teaching John Eldredge exposes the power of our culture in shaping our way of life--particularly of our life. "The Spirit of the Age" is that pervasive force dominating western culture; so taken-for-granted, very few of us have stopped to wonder:

  • "What is this doing to my heart?"
  • "How does this impact my relationship with God?"

Jesus promises an easy burden and a light yoke. Only in Him and His way of life will we find rest for our souls. Come, listen, and find the secret of His life in The Spirit of The Age.

Approximately 59 minutes.

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