The Journey of Desire (EXCLUSIVE HARDCOVER)

The Journey of Desire (EXCLUSIVE HARDCOVER)

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Newly revised, and released as an exclusive hardcover available only through Ransomed Heart!

Previously titled Desire, this book is revised and updated with a prayer and pause for reflection in every chapter of the deepest longings of the human heart.

Most contemporary Americans share the same dilemma: they long for purpose in life, but they’re not sure how to find it...or even what it might look like if they did. Yet the little-known truth is that the secret of a person’s true purpose is coded in the desires of his or her own heart.

In The Journey of Desire—newly updated and revised for today’s readers—John Eldredge takes seekers to the heart of their persistent longings and reveals a crucial truth: desire can lead them to the life they’ve dreamed of.

Desire is the language of the heart, and by examining them in light of God’s design for us Eldredge reveals how to discover the best route to an authentic and fulfilling life.


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