Epic Live!

Epic Live! (DVD)

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There is a larger story and you have a role to play.  It's a Story better than any fairy tale! Our human hearts are made for great drama, and the Gospel, with all its danger and adventure, truly is Epic.

Join John as he shares the Gospel in four exciting acts.

Act OneThe beginning of the Trinity and the birth of Eternal Love.

Act TwoThe villain enters the Story.  Evil follows.

Act ThreeThe Battle.  God fights for the hearts of His people.

Act FourHeaven.  It is paradise regained, the life we've always dreamed of.  The time when God makes ""all things new.""


Contents Include:

  • Two DVD's
  • Three versions of the Larger Story by John:

    • 38 Minute Version
    • 1-Hour Version
    • A Six-Part Curriculum Version

 Leading a Group?

Purchase one set of the DVD's.  We recommend each person in the group have:


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