Boot Camp Live

Boot Camp Live (DVD)

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Four Days. Ten Sessions. Experience it Live.

Men travel to the mountains of Colorado from all over the world to experience a Wild at Heart Boot Camp.  Now, in this new and completely revised DVD series, you have a front row seat to every session - Filmed live at a recent Boot Camp.

Join john Eldredge, Craig McConnell, Bart Hansen and Morgan Snyder as they lead the following sessions:

  1. The Heart of a Man
  2. Epic: The Larger Story
  3. The Poser
  4. Healing the Wound
  5. The New Name
  6. Warfare
  7. An Adventure to Live
  8. Rescuing the Beauty
  9. Sonship
  10. Where Do You Go From Here

This series, ideal for personal or group use, includes:

  • Five DVDs/Ten Sessions
  • Prompts and time codes for recommended film clips
  • Bounus Session - Conversation with the Team
  • Trailer - to use in promoting the series for groupsor retreats
  • User's Guide - an overview of how to maximize this series - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 

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