Killing Lions Campfire

Killing Lions Campfire (DOWNLOAD)

  • 2099

Experience the wild, daring adventure of becoming a man.

Powerful things take place when guys get together to talk about the masculine journey, Outdoors. Informal. Around a fire. Killing Lions Campfire is your way to facilitate those life-changing conversations.

Filmed on location in Moab, this series features:

  • Individual films that correspond to each chapter of Killing Lions
  • Introductory film to be used as a stand-alone session or as part of the first session
  • Leader's Guide booklet - with discussion questions

Each film is approximately 3-5 minutes long. Total running time is approximately 1.5 hours.

Bonus materials includes 6 additional films and a promotional trailer

While targeted at men ages 18 - 30, this small group experience can also be used for a mixed group of older and younger men.

(The short films are also featured on

This Summer, Start a Killing Lions Campfire

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