Captivating Live DVD

Captivating Live Video Series (DVD)

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You have a front row seat to every session at one of the most transformative events you’ll ever experience—Captivating.

Join Stasi Eldredge, Lisa Beck, Cherie Snyder and John Eldredge as they speak life to women through the following sessions:

Core Desires of a Woman's Heart (Stasi)

  • The Larger Story (Stasi)
  • Fallen Eve (Lisa)
  • The Wound (Stasi)
  • The New Name (Stasi)
  • The Enemy of Your Heart (Stasi)
  • The Romance (Cherie)
  • The Heart of a Man (John)
  • The Beloved (Stasi)
  • Your Irreplaceable Role (Stasi)
  • Where Do We Go From Here? (Stasi)

Ideal for personal or group use, this series—filmed live at a recent Captivating—includes 11 sessions—approximately 11 hours. Prompts and time codes are also included for recommended clips and music.

For a list of recommended film clips, click here.

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