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Free Downloadable Participant's Guide - A Companion for Individual and Small Group Study ($4.99 Value!)

More words about Jesus are helpful only if they bring us to an experience of him.

We don’t need further speculation or debate. We need Jesus himself. And you can have him. Really. You can experience Jesus intimately. You were meant to. For despite the vandalizing of Jesus by both religion and the world, he is still alive and very much himself. Though nowadays it takes a bit of uncovering to know him as he is. For to have Jesus, really have him, is to have the greatest treasure in all worlds.

And to love Jesus—that is to settle the first question of human existence. Of your existence. Everything else flows from there.

Now, loving Jesus will not be a problem when you know him as he truly is.

This Companion to John Eldredge’s Beautiful Outlaw book and video series will give incredible guidance to experience the playful, disruptive, extravagant personality of Jesus.

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