Captivating, A Guided Journal

Captivating--A Guided Journal (PAPERBACK)

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God wants to answer your question and reawaken the desires of your heart.  Every woman longs to Be Romanced, to play an Irreplaceable Role in a heroic adventure, and to have a Beauty all her own to Unveil. 

Look at the movies you love.  Remember the games you played as a little girl.  These desires in your heart are God-given part of Eve's design.  And they are telling you the truth about who you are as a woman and the role you are meant to play.

That's why every little girl is asking one core question:  "Am I lovely?  Do you delight in me?""  How that question was answered in your youth has shaped you into the woman you are today.  For most of us the question was answered badly.  We are all wounded women.  And we still need an answer.  We still need to know, "Am I captivating?"

With questions for reflection, insightful quotes, journaling ideas and exercises, this guided journal will help you discover that: 

    • The healing of your feminine heart is available!
    • The "more" that you have been longing for is available!
    • Your heart is the most important thing about you!

Join Stasi and John as they guide you through a profound journey of discovery and healing.  A wonderful help for personal use or for small group studies!  Come and remember--or, perhaps, discover for the first time--that you are captivating.

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