Hoping in the Coming Kingdom

Hoping in the Coming Kingdom

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In the course of our days, we hope for so many things. But how often do we place our hope in the coming Kingdom? Doing so…changes everything.

Hope is for our soul as breathing is to our body—we cannot live without it. Hope is how we thrive. Paul even says that our faith and love spring from the hope we have in the coming Kingdom of God (Colossians 1:5). And yet, very few people actually think about the promised life that is coming to us. Our thoughts about "heaven" are so bland and boring, no wonder we aren't bursting with hope!

In this powerful five session series, John and Stasi Eldredge explore the beauty of the Kingdom of God that will soon be ours. Your heart will be filled with renewed hope and your spirit will soar at the sheer joy of it! But be warned. This isn't a series for passive listening…it's one you'll want to keep a journal handy and actively enter into. Through the sessions, John and Stasi invite you into times of prayer and introspection that will fill your heart with awe and anchor your hopes in the coming Kingdom.

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