Fighting for the Hearts of Your Children 2nd Edition

Fighting for the Hearts of Your Children (CD)

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This recording features members of the Ransomed Heart men's team speaking on life as parents.  In the same way God charges us in Proverbs 4:23 to "watch over our own hearts," we are charged to watch over the hearts of our sons and daughters.

The core questions of the hearts of little girls and little boys are reviewed:  "You know their question," says John Eldredge, "so answer it!  Little boys need to know they have what it takes, and little girls need to know you delight in them."  Specific ways to answer these core questions in the hearts of older children are also offered.

"Until the day he dies, every man will still long for words of affection from his father."  The same is true for every woman.

It is never too late to fight for the hearts of our children.

And now, in this 2nd edition update, enjoy an added conversation with the Ransomed Heart team reflecting on where they are now with parenting their children.



Approximately 1 hour, 54 minutes.

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