Sacred Romance Workbook and Journal, The

Sacred Romance Workbook and Journal (PAPERBACK)

  • 400

Do you long to recover your heart? To hear the Lord wooing you with untamed love, ... inviting you to a life of wonder and adventure? The Sacred Romance Workbook and Journal can help you unearth your heart and reveal God as the Author of a magnificent story--one in which you play an important part. Through this book you will:

  • Realize that the life you've created for yourself may be far too safe and too formulaic compared to the drama God desires for you
  • Relinquish the pain of inner wounds and enable yourself to more fully embrace the Romancer's Love
  • Understand how Satan tries to distract you from God's "larger story" and discover strategies you can use to defeat him
  • Abide in the Lover and let Him give you deep, supernatural security that's not dependent on external circumstances

This companion to The Sacred Romance is filled with questions, exercises, journaling ideas, and a guided exploration of the arts, which will lead you on a profound, life-changing journey into the very heart of God.

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