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Desire Audio Book (CDs)

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Unabridged Audio Book!  This is the complete book on 9 audio CDs (8 hours).

In Desire John Eldredge writes, "We all share the same dilemma - we long for life, and we're not sure where to find it. We wonder if we ever do find it, can we we make it last? Our days come to us as a riddle, and the answers aren't handed out with our birth certificates. We must journey to find the life we prize. And the guide we have been given is the desire set deep within, the desire we often overlook or mistake for something else or even choose to ignore."

The modern church often teaches people to kill desire and call it sanctification. But Eldredge says, "Christianity is not an invitation to become a moral person. It is not a program for getting us in line or for reforming society. At its core Christianity begins with an invitation to desire."

In his follow-up book to The Sacred Romance Eldredge invites you to rediscover your God-given desire and to search, again, for the life you once dreamed of.

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