Major & Minor Themes

Major & Minor Themes (CD)

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There are “major” and “minor” themes found in scripture. The major theme is resurrection, life, breakthrough, triumph. The minor theme is crucifixion, suffering, darkness, loss. Both have a place in scripture, because both have a place in our lives. Yet, one is to be major, the other minor. Sadly, in our post-modern culture the minor theme has become the major theme. It’s cool to talk about confusion, the “dark night of the soul,” how hard life is. It feels “relevant” and much safer to talk about our struggles than it does to talk about breakthrough. 

Part of why we don’t talk about breakthrough is that it sounds Pollyanna-ish in a world crushed by the amount of suffering ours has right now. But, perhaps, the deeper reason is that we don’t have breakthrough stories to tell. For if we did, wouldn’t we want to offer them to those in sure dire need? This next Conversation with Ransomed Heart is about the place of suffering and breakthrough.

When suffering comes, it bears the question--What does this expose in me? Some need for deeper holiness? Some need for healing? We watch to see if God is after something and also watch closely for the intentions of the enemy. Through some repentance and healing, or whatever else God uses in our lives, we look for breakthrough. When breakthrough tarries, we ask, ""What is in the way?"" We aren’t saying that all suffering can be ended in this life. But we will never know how much can be until we avoid hopelessly yielding to things as they are. We must look for life--and the breakthrough that comes as a result.


Approximately 1 hour, 50 minutes.

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